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Among the mountains and rivers, the ocean spray and rising dawn,
which of Taiwan’s scenic sites strikes you the most?

Amidst the monotony of existence, do you ever crave freedom?
Bask in the beauty of local landscapes as Taiwan Traveler leads you all over.

Smart City Digitalization

The wave of digitalization is unstoppable in all types of industry, including medicine, finance, commodity, telecommunication, insurance, and manufacture. Naturally, an advanced urban city would be highly motivated to partake in this wave of digitalization.

Digital twin, also known as device shadow or device twin, is a technology that functions through IoT devices, sensing systems, and telecommunication technology. The goal is to create digital representations of reality, helping people control the real-time state of IoT devices in a more effective manner.

About Droneye.TW

Droneye, implies the insights through the vision of drone, striving to assist efficient urban governance powered by AI.

The technical framework comes from Taiwan AI Labs. It inherits the spirits of humanity, privacy and integrity, to establish 360° panoramic image and video database through drone. Droneye is intent on assisting efficient urban governance, improving resource utilization by developing innovative AI solutions to achieve sustainable urbanization for Smart City.

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