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360° Aerial Tour Guide

Select any two points on the map to create your personal aerial navigation guide. Explore the wonders of your city with the customized video based guide.

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Panoramic Image Database

We utilize the technology of drone to collect visual data, which is used to create a high resolution 360° seamless image database. This serves as the basis for the smart city we are working towards.

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360° Image Annotation Platform

Our exclusive 360° image annotation tool combined domain expertise and deep learning to train the image recognition model and to provide AI-powered insight, decision assistant, and rapid city management.

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Autonomous Drone Control

Our autonomous drone control technology allows drones to traverse through cities safely and efficiently with auto routing, obstacle-avoidance, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).


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Site Survey

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About Us

Droneye, implies the insights through the vision of drone, striving to assist efficient urban governance powered by AI.

The technical framework comes from Taiwan AI Labs. It inherits the spirits of humanity, privacy and integrity, to establish 360° panoramic image and video database through drone. Droneye is intent on assisting efficient urban governance, improving resource utilization by developing innovative AI solutions to achieve sustainable urbanization for Smart City.